Discovery Flight Scheduling

Unfortunately, due to overwhelming  demand, we are temporarily suspending new Discovery Flight requests.  If you would like to be added to our waiting list for when we resume flights, please click the “Schedule Now” button below and we’ll add you to our list.  We’ll call you when we will be resuming flights.   If you have already submitted a request, please bear with us, we will get to you as soon as we can!

Purchasing as a gift?

Click the “purchase gift certificate” button to purchase a gift certificate redeemable for a discovery flight or training.  

What is a discovery flight?

A discovery flight consist of a 1 hour lesson where you’ll receive 15 minutes of ground instruction and 45 minutes of flight time. Your flight instructor will guide you through the process of “pre-flighting” the aircraft. During the flight you’ll be in control of the aircraft as much as you feel comfortable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a discovery flight?

CFC intro flights are designed to get your feet wet, to get a glimpse of the high life. We offer these intro flights to non-members so you can see what exactly it is that attracts people into getting their own wings. We hope you will enjoy it enough to come and join us! The more members in our club, the more aircraft we can justify buying, which means more options for you!

What is a discovery flight comprised of?

A discovery flight covers many of the fundamental safety and stick-and-rudder items and allows the student to enjoy the city from a new perspective. Specifically, a discovery flight will cover the following items (and allow plenty of time to enjoy the views):

  • How to "pre-flight" an aircraft
  • How to operate the safety equipment on-board the aircraft
  • Handling the aircraft on the ground (taxi)
  • Fundamental stick-and-rudder skills (flying the aircraft)
Do I get to control anything?

Absolutely! Except for touchdown during final approach for landings, your instructor will allow you to control the aircraft as much as you like to both of your comforts. If you feel too nervous to control the aircraft, then just tell him/her what you want to see! It is perfectly normal for a person to be very reluctant to take the helm on their first flight as there is a lot of sensations, but don't let it stop you from enjoying it any way you can!

What does it feel like to control the plane? How hard is it?

No matter what anyone tells you, the actual flying part is easy. It is like driving a car on a huge parking lot with only a few other people to share it with. It's all the rules, regulations, air traffic control, and procedures that is overwhelming. However, it's your first time flying, you just worry about the flying part, your instructor will take care of all the extra stuff, just enjoy it!

How safe is flying?

No activity is free of risk and flying is no different. Accidents are rare, however understanding the risks associated with an activity is important. Columbus Flying Club protects your safety by

  • Utilizing experienced flight instructors
  • Conducting a through pre-flight inspection of the aircraft
  • Conducting a comprehensive safety breifing which covers the operation of all safety equipment in the aircraft
  • Equipping many of our aircraft with full airframe parachutes. This is a parachute which protects the occupants of the aircraft in the event of an emergency
Is there an age limit?

Would you believe that we had an instructor who was teaching his three-year old how to fly? There is no age limit to learn to fly (but there is an age limit to when a person can fly by themselves), and the time you have logged never expires if you keep the records! It is not unheard of for someone to have flown with their father when they were young, only to come back 40 years later with their logbooks to finish their training!

What about weight?

Aircraft are made for speed. Relative to cars, and especially ships, they cannot carry a lot. They also are not easy to give a straight figure on how heavy you can be, because each aircraft has a different tolerance.

Therefore, for simplicity, the weight limit on all aircraft is 260 pounds per person. If you have any specific concerns about this weight limitation, contact us prior to your discovery flight.

What about glasses? Or colorblindness? How about medical problems?

As long as corrective lenses give you normal or near normal vision, there is no issue with flying. There are even colorblind pilots!

On rare occasion, some individuals who do not qualify to be a pilot will still fly with instructors. There is nothing in the regulations prohibiting you from enjoying flying with an instructor as much as you want, even though you don't qualify medically. It's a little more expensive, but there are individuals who still yearn for their wings and won't be held down by their medical conditions!

Can I bring a camera?

Yes! You can bring a camera to take pictures or video. You can even bring a phone (set it to airplane mode!).