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CFC Mission Statement

Columbus Flying Club’s mission is to share among its members, their passion for aviation and to further their knowledge, skill, and the joy of flying to all who have an interest in aviation.

Where do I begin?

Schedule a visit with us at Don Scott, OSU airport. We’ll give you a tour of our facilities, meet some of our members, and see our fleet of aircraft. You can even try a discovery flight! A discovery flight giving you hands-on experience. You will take the controls of the aircraft guided by one of the club’s highly experienced flight instructors. Learn to fly and see Columbus from the sky. Discovery flights also make a great gift for those with a passion for aviation. Check out our discovery flight page for more information and to schedule your discovery flight!

How does flight training work?

Columbus Flying Club offers self-paced flight training options. Students work with a flight instructor to create a customized training plan. The specific requirements and qualifications vary based on the certificate the student is pursuing.

Sport Pilot Certificate

A sport pilot certificate carries some limitations and restrictions compared to a private pilot certificate but it’s a cost-effective alternative for those who do not wish to obtain a third-class medical certificate.

  • Minimum of 20 hours of flight training
  • Must hold a valid US drivers license (or a third-class FAA Medical Certificate)
  • Restrictions on night flying and limited to operation of light sport aircraft (LSA)

Private Pilot Certificate

A private pilot certificate opens the door to the world of aviation. A private pilot certificate is a great option for those interested in recreational flying or building the foundation for future certificates.

  •  Minimum of 40 hours of flight training
  • Must hold an FAA third-class medical certificate

Instrument Rating

An instrument rating is a common add-on rating. Individuals who hold at least a private pilot certificate can obtain an instrument rating in order to operate under instrument flight rules. Students obtaining an instrument rating will learn the fundamentals of navigating by instrument reference and working within the national airspace system.

  • Must hold (or be concurrently applying for) a private pilot certificate
  • Minimum of 50 hours of cross country PIC time
  • Minimum of 40 hours of actual or simulated flying by instrument reference
  • Minimum of 15 hours of training with a CFII

What kind of aircraft do you fly?

Columbus Flying Club maintains a fleet of light sport and single engine piston aircraft. The club’s fleet maintenance program meets or exceeds all state and federal requirements, which keeps our aircraft flying safe.

Flight Design CTLS & CTSW

The CTLS is a modern aircraft featuring carbon-fiber and Kevlar construction and equipped with a full airframe parachute.

Cessna 172N

The Cessna 172N is a time-tested and fully capable trainer. The 172N is well known for it’s stable handling characteristics.

More details are available on our aircraft information page.