Flight reviews and instrument proficiency checks

Columbus Flying Club offers additional services to its members including flight reviews and instrument proficiency checks.

Biennial flight review

In order to exercise the privileges granted by your pilot certificate, you must have completed a biennial flight review (often called a BFR) within the preceding 2 years (24 calendar months). The exact requirements for the BFR are described in FAR 61.56(a). At a minimum, a flight review will include:

  • 1 hour of ground instruction, reviewing the general operating and flight rules of FAR part 91
  • 1 hour of flight training, including a review of maneuvers and procedures

Instrument proficiency checks

Instrument proficiency checks are required by FAR 91.1069(a)┬áif the pilot’s instrument currency has lapsed. Columbus Flying Clubs’ instrument instructors (CFI-I) can conduct instrument proficiency checks when necessary.

Instrument currency

Flying with a flight club is an excellent way to maintain instrument currency. Flying with a club means that there are an abundance of potential safety pilots. Additionally, Columbus Flying Clubs’ experienced instructors can develop custom training and currency plans to keep pilots safe in the air.

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